Wellness training in Bangkok, Thailand and Beyond


WELLbiz is a complete training program, designed to transform a business into a better place to work by transforming employees into happier more motivated people.


Training. Coaching. Follow Up. Each course has a three-part design to maximise the impact in your business. Skills are taught. Goals are set. And Follow up ensures great results every time.


Our shortest courses can be completed in four days. Our longest is a renewable one-year consultancy. We can fit virtually all budgets and custom-design every program to your needs.


Do you need a short focussed leadership program for your top executives?

We can do it!

Or Maybe you require medium length team building to re-energise an individual business department?

We got you covered!

Or perhaps you want a comprehensive make-over to completely revitalise your company culture?

That’s our expertise!

Whatever your needs, WELLbiz has you covered. That’s because our program’s flexibility allows us to custom-design each program precisely for your needs.

Our unique Human Spirit Model® has helped airlines, banks, engineering companies, factories, even governments, build a more motivated team, a healthier business culture and more productive results.

That’s because every WELLbiz program has three key elements to ensure extraordinary success:

  1. Formal Skills training
  2. Group Skills Coaching
  3. Individual Performance Coaching

This three-part structure avoids the normal failures of Wellness training in Bangkok by ensuring your team focus on real change back in your business. This guarantees fantastic personal results and extraordinary company performance.

The result of your WELLBiz leadership coaching program is a healthier business culture, aligned in purpose, motivated and equipped with the attitude and skills to lead your company through the twenty-first century.


Select the Style and Duration of Program to Meet Your Team’s Needs

WELLbiz is a 6-part program divided into three simple stages. For a shorter, powerful boost to your team, “Foundations” will motivate and inspire. If you’re looking for a deeper more sustainable program, “Momentum” offers you a thorough four-module approach to building a healthier culture. But, for the ultimate Wellness training in Bangkok and beyond, choose “Integration”, our customised culture development program with annual options.


Foundations Package for Wellness in Bangkok

This two-module foundation program is a powerful introduction to the ideas that build trustful teams and happy people. By challenging the false beliefs that create conflict and disrespect in a team, each employee learns how to build respect for themselves and trust in the people around them, the core foundation of any effective business culture.

Package Includes

  • 12 Hours Training
  • 6 Hours Group Coaching
  • 2 Hours Personal Coaching per Participant

Package can be custom designed according to needs. ENQUIRE NOW!


Building upon your culture of trust and respect, Framework gives you a set of powerful communication and thinking skills. These skills enhance your existing business culture, break down department walls and organise your company into solution thinkers rather than problem-moaners!

Package Includes

  • 24 Hours Training
  • 12 Hours Group Coaching
  • 4 Hours Personal Coaching per Participant
  • Optional App (Coming soon!)
  • Optional Train the Trainer
  • Optional Leader as Coach Training

Package can be custom designed according to needs. ENQUIRE NOW!


Unit Package for Wellness in Bangkok

For the ultimate well-business! Take your business to the next level with our annual training, coaching and HR systems integration package. Including skills training for your entire business, an annual analysis and, coming soon, a brand new app, this immersive, holistic approach to your business offers incredible depth and effectiveness, transforming your business into a motivated, inspired, meaningful place to work in a great team!

Package Includes

  • Full Training Delivery to Your Business Team
  • Group Coaching according to business size
  • Personal Coaching according to number of Participants
  • Annual licensing of skills and manuals
  • Annual Analysis
  • App Launch and Integration (Coming soon!)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Leader as Coach Training
  • Hr Systems integration and Reinforcement
    • Incentives and Rewards Scheme
    • Employee development system
    • Employee of the month/quarter/year enhancement

Package can be custom designed according to needs. ENQUIRE NOW!



  • UNIQUE! – Learn our unique Human Spirit Model® Build a healthier business culture and a more productive leadership team
  • TOTALLY SKILL-BASED! – Practice and apply real-world techniques every day
  • COACHING! – Group and individual coaching options ensure remarkable results personally and professionally
  • DIVERSE FORMATS ! – Formal training, train the trainer, coaching, analysis and a coming App ensure your culture grows immediately
  • FLEXIBLE OPTIONS – From a few modules to full yearly licensing, we work with companies of any size and budget
  • EASY PAYMENT! – Monthly payments available to spread cost on long term programs


  • $$$ PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT – Our annual review process will show a measurable improvement in team morale, motivation and productivity
  • SUSTAINABLE – Our skill-based approach and coaching follow up ensure the program will have long-term return on investment.  
  • SAVES $$$ – By motivating and inspiring people, we create a happier workplace where your leaders will stay, reducing recruitment and selection costs.
  • SOLVES CONFLICTS – WELLBiz! builds trust and respect across your team de-stressing your culture


Provolution also Offers Great One and Two Day Workshops

Solution Thinking 


Customer Service

Process Enhancement

Cultural Sensitivity

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What is The Three-Stage WELLBiz! Implementation Process?

Group business coaching and traingin with Provolution Consultancy Bangkok



We only teach skills. Why? Because your people will remember skills. They’re useful. And they can get better and better at using them. This means your investment will pay back again and again.

Each of the six modules in WELLBiz! is packed with “Universally applicable” skills. This is important. It means your people can apply the skills in any area of their life – at work, at home, or in relationships.

This ensures that your people will find WELLBiz! valuable, practical and fun!

Business coaching with Provolution Thailand



How much training have you done that has been a waste of time and money?

All of us at Provolution have received training that is boring, impractical and a waste of time. been participants in training and we know! That’s why we created this format for WELLBiz!

In this program, every team member receives at least 6 Hours of One-to-One coaching! After every module, there is 30-minutes of personal coaching and a follow up session to assess application.




Most training ends after your people leave the room, right? Not WELLBiz!

We set goals and targets in the formal training. These are followed up in coaching. And then, we  evaluate performance in areas such as their dedication, skill and intention.

Their goal will be to create real change at work and in their life. And, at the end of the course, we deliver an honest evaluation of team and individual performance.

What is The Human Spirit® Model?

The Human Spirit® Answers The Question: What Do People Need?

Organizations are people. Companies are people. Customers are people. The Human Spirit is a way to understand and include the needs of people in whatever you are doing.

The Human Spirit® Is Twenty Needs That we All Have in Common But Make All of Us Unique

By understanding just 20 simple needs, your people will be able to identify the needs of their colleagues, their customers, their suppliers, their managers, their families, their friends and their loved ones. This builds trust and respect across companies, families and communities.

Is The Human Spirit® Model Practical?

Yes! Everything we teach in the model is a skill. We will show you how your team conflicts and creates problems without these skills because the Human Spirit® needs are nopt being met. With the skills in WELLBiz! your team will be able to create a better ‘me’ and better ‘us’ and a better business.