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Small is Beautiful!

Why should you choose a small company like Provolution over one of the bigger companies?

Because we’re personal. You deal with two people; Koong and Mike, because we write the programs, teach the programs and follow up the programs.

This means you don’t get junior staff consulting with you. And you don’t get excuses if there are any problems. Our job is fulfill your needs, which we’re very good at because Provolution has been fulfilling our customers’ needs since 2008!

Furthermore, because we’re small, we can design everything for you. We don’t have off-the-shelf programs. Every client gets an adapted program just for them. This means we can give you the benefit of our 50 years experience in corporate HR and Training in every program. And, if there is ever a problem, you talk directly to one of us!

We’re also easy to talk to. Stay up to date with us on Facebook or Send us a comment Through the Online Form


Our Programs Really Work! (Really!)

During their time working in Human Resources, Mike and Koong both attended a LOT of training. This means they have both experienced a LOT of training that DOESN’T WORK! So, we started Provolution to write training programs that REALLY work!

Since beginning Provolution in 2008, we’ve been hired by airlines, hotels, pharmaceutical companies, internet companies, small family-run businesses, huge multinationals, insurance companies, schools, engineering companies, marketing companies, governments – you name it, we will have written a program for it.

This means that our programs ALWAYS work in EVERY type of business. That’s because the skills in our programs are designed to be useful to everyone, regardless of their job, level or experience.

In a Provolution program, we don’t teach you to do you job better. We teach you to be better at ANYTHING you do.



  • Marriott International

  • Bupa

  • Decathlon

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Mövenpick

  • The Thai Institute of Banking and Finance

  • The Government of The Maldives

  • Jumeirah Resorts

  • Aetna

  • Kempinski Hotels

Orranut Stephens - Provolution Team Building Thailand

Orranut Stephens

GM and Chief Coach

With an MBA from Bristol University and a distinguished career at the very top of the corporate Human Resources ladder, Koong has spent her career coaching people to grow and improve. This is exactly what she brings to a Provolution Courses – she is a master trainer and coach, helping people in your team to realize their potential.

Michael Paul Stephens - Provolution Team Building Thailand

Michael Paul Stephens

MD and Chief Program Creator

Mike began his career in Human Resources with Chiva-Som and Six Senses in 1999. After that, he began Provolution in 2008 and became the chief program writer and trainer. Now, he is responsible for developing new and exciting concepts, such as The Human Spirit® and ChatterBox®. Mike is passionate about packing every program with awesome skills that equip your team with the power to be well businesses.


As one of the leading Bangkok Training Consultants, we take pride in offering unique service through our pledge to honor our customers. As such., our Mission, Vision and single Principle demonstrates our wish to be Bangkok training consultants offering your business a truly personal service. 

Our Vision

A Better World Through Business.

Our Mission

To design and deliver programs good enough to convince people that heart-based skills are a practical way to achieve head-based goals.

Our Principle

Trust and respect is at the foundation of everything worthwhile.

Trust is what we teach and what we practice. Unfortunately, many Bangkok training consultants forget that trust is the key part of all business. This leads to conflict,  slower processes, dissatisfied customers and fewer profits . Therefore, Provolution has become the leading Bangkok Training Consultant by understanding the power and speed of trust. That’s why you can trust us to place trust at the heart of you business and watch your success grow!